Berenike Wasserthal – Zuccari, Austria

Petz Girls  

The subject of the Petz- Girl had been a tempting object for a long period of time. The Petz- Company has started their buissines in the early 50 ths in Austria as a small candy-bussiness, as one of the first comapanies after war The post war period was charactersised by hunger and materialistic needs. Slowly enterpricese established and a new market started to come up. 

Captured by that time Berenike Wasserthal-Zuccari takes this fact into account and works with it from the scenographical point of view.  So is her Petz Girl a  woman of today  who is put into the role of the 50 ties, interpreted in the contemporearen manner . It is a sequency of  a moment, a scenery where the main actor is dressed and put into scenery out of this period of time. 

Berenike Wasserthal-Zuccari manages to open time-windows in her work, which gives it a surrealistic manner and expresses a high complexity between graphic desigh theater, history an critical acces to it.   

The animated figures of the advertisments of these days with whom she interact, for example the Petz Woman, shows her line where she animates a world, who is not real. 

Theater, sureality, humor combined wiht a bitter seriousness though.


Berenike Wasserthal – Zuccari (Master of Arts & MAS )  

Academic Artist & Cultural Manager; Restorer & Conservator of wall paintings, faculty of Art & Design 


Since 2006/10-Dissertation / Art History Institute, Karl-Franzens- University Graz  

Dissertation topic (supervised by Univ. Prof. Dr. Konrad Eberlein) The portraiture Arnold Clementschitsch  

2001/10-2003/05 postgraduate study / cultural management / IKM, Institute for Culture & Management Cultural Studies University of Arts (Music & Dramatic Arts), Vienna University  

Degree: MAS (Master of Advanced Studies)  

1993/01-1998/06 university / set & costume design class for Stage & Costume Design Art University (Music & Performing Arts) Graz University  

Degree: Master of Arts (Master's art.)  

1989/09-1992 Applied higher education studies / free & Painting Academy of Applied Arts Vienna 



 Liste Berlin / Berlin Germany 

 Galerie auf Zeit / Schildehalle / Bad Hersfeld Germany 

 Steinhalle Lannach Austria / In cooperation with the WKO Styria 

 Galerie Merkur / Graz Austria / single presence  

 New Open Space / Villach Austria / single presence 


 WerkART Gallery / St. Gallen Switzerland / Solo exhibitions and presences  

 Liste Berlin / Berlin Germany 

 Galerie Brick 5 / Wien single presence  

 Steinhalle Lannach Austria / In cooperation with the WKO Styria  

 Libertad Graz Austria / single presence  


 ArtDesign / Feldkirch Vorarlberg Austria single presence 

 Women's Museum Bonn / Bonn single presence  

 Artexpo New York / New York / Galleries representative  

 Galerie Staudinger / Graz Austria single presence  

 CIGE / Beijing / Galleries representative  


 Urania Gallery / Graz Austria / single exhibitions April 2008  

 Galerie Staudinger / Graz Austria / single exhibitions  

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