The Gallery “Artist” will exhibit Turkish artist Bedri Baykam’s 4-D Works about Edvard Munch in Berlin between September 6 and October 6, 2012. This will be the 4th  stop-over of Baykam’s exhibit “An Homage to Munch” after Paris (Pinacotheque de Paris Museum), Ankara (Siyah Beyaz Gallery) and Istanbul (Project 4L Museum) The very special relation between Berlin and Munch makes this exhibition even much more interesting. As we know, Munch had been invited as a young artist by the “Berliner Künst Verein” to have a show in their space in 1892.  Unfortunately few  days after the opening in November, the exhibition was taken down when huge reactions against Munch’s  “wild and careless style” invaded the German artist association by its members. After this “succés de scandale” Munch had been invited to several other exhibitions in Germany and the rest is history.

Originally the Museum Pinacotheque de Paris had given a “carte blanche” to Baykam, thus authorizing him to do fully his choice of works in a one-man show while interpreting Munch, during his retrospective in Paris, (Spring-Summer 2010). The  Parisian  Museum's director Marc Restellini, had stated in the press release  of the Pinacotheque de Paris about Baykam, with whom he had met in 2002 in Argentina at the Buenos Aires Biennial where he was a juror, that “He couldn't help but consider Baykam when it came down to a show about Edvard Munch, taking into consideration the fascination that the has for the Turkish artist due to his style that bursts from his chains, and a real freedom of intonation where a world of references and a very rebellious expressionism meet”.

Restellini stated that, by choosing Baykam, he wanted to give recognition and a right of speech to an intellectual who  is deeply committed to politics and who reintroduces the relationship between  art and politics in the very tense environment of Turkey. Heavily involved in Turkish politics, defending secularism, democracy and Atatürk’s ideas, Baykam was almost stabbed to death by a fanatic islamist in April 2011 and was saved in extremis after a long operation.

Baykam produced thirteen 4-D works, examining Munch's works and life. The artist takes the audience on a very special journey through time with his new technique where he makes use of his lenticular surface to obtain an amazing depth in his work. His 4-D works have also been shown in Turkey, Europe far-east and the USA since 2007 and have raised serious interest.

Baykam prepared his “Homage to Munch” exhibition in six months and went to Oslo to investigate the artist's life thoroughly. He also visited a fishermen’s town, Aasgardstrand, about 100 kilometers away from Oslo, where Munch's favorite studio was located, to elaborate on his interpretations of Munch's works such as “Puberty”, “Madonna”, “Scream”, “Dance of Life”, “Sick Child”. Baykam takes the audience to the inner depths of the Norwegian artist with the investigation on his life and career, full of ups and downs and with the synthesis of raw creativity with an intense and complex sensitivity.

Baykam already had an impressive show in Berlin 2009 at the Akademie der Künste where 18 of his works were on display during the exhibition “Istanbul Next Wave” curated by Çetin Güzelhan and Johannes Odenthal.  Four of those works were 4-D’s and had raised a large interest.

Baykam has had 119 one man shows around the world and has 23 published books. He is also the President of the Turkish Plastic Arts Association (UPSD). He writes for the Turkish leftist daily Cumhuriyet.

For more information please contact:  

Yasemin Yurdakul

Öykü Eras     

Fasanenstrasse N/68 – 10179 Berlin/DE

P +49 30 889 212 91

F +49 30 889 212 92

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