BAD SINCE 1974 @ ZORZINI Gallery, Bucharest

ZORZINI Gallery presents BAD SINCE 1974

A solo show by TARA von Neudorf

Curator Adina Zorzini

Opening on 6 of March at 6 pm

31 Thomas Masaryk Street, Bucharest

Tara von Neudorf (b. 1974) is an established Romanian artist, mainly working and living in Bucharest, Sibiu and Cluj; mostly renowned for his graphic artworks, Tara equally masters painting, object and installation as well, generating ingeniously combined artworks, following the Rauschenberg path in art history and transgressing the traditional media of the art regnum.  

Bad Since 1974 solo show focuses on presenting the unknown “combines” created by Tara at the intersection between art and life, unseen by the public before; the artworks on display are also doubled by the partial re-creation of the artist`s home studio, another inaccessible dimension of Tara`s universe.

Thus, the exhibition organized by Zorzini Gallery aims to bring into the public`s attention the less known aspects of Tara`s controversial and prolific career, while re-enforcing the importance of experimental research in the artist`s mind. (Adina Zorzini)

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