Atelier030202, Bucharest: Hydrophilia/ Super Smooth Studio

October 23 – November 12


Super Smooth Studio (Mimi Ciora & Mircea Popescu)

Opening: October 23, 7.00 pm, ATELIER 030202 (Sala Nouă TC), 11 Sfânta Vineri street, Bucharest

Atelier 030202 Manager: Mihai Zgondoiu

Hydrophilia – embodies in pictures the love for water and the obsessive interest in its  infinite runway. In the interpretation of Super Smooth Studio, water means life, but also death; a glowy superficial reflection, but at the same time an exploration of the deep nebulous universe. The natural and synthetic routes through which water flows – clouds, organic elements and industrial pipe systems – gain in the works exhibited fantastic features composing hybrid characters, at the edge between illusion and reality.

All the  artworks  are collaborative, combining two different styles seemingly incompatible: the organicity of Mimi Ciora’s drawings and the „mecanomorphous”  interpretations by Mircea Popescu. They develop through techniques of drawing and assemblage a surreal world with influences from primitive art, pop art, lowbrow art and kitsch.

Smooth Studio is the name of the collaboration between the two visual artists, who began the project in 2010.  The term "super smooth" defines their own drawing technique, the  name being inspired by the name of the super flat art movement. And the second part – " studio" – is  referring to the studio / home in Timisoara, space which is shared with a cat and a turtle.

Mimi Ciora (b.1985, Oradea) consumes: art (in general), illustrations, fanzines, cartoons, Henry Rousseau, Frida Khalo, the Vedas, atlases – botanical, zoological, of curiosities, literature, music etc.

Mircea Popescu (b.1985, Craiova ) is searching for the image origins being concerned with change and the adaptation of the  traditional techniques of engraving and drawing to the new media.

 Organizator: ATELIER 030202

Parteneri:Teatrul de Comedie, Asociaţia Euro CulturArt, APAU Ritual, Super Smoot Studio

Sponsor: Murfatlar România SA

Parteneri media:, Radio România Cultural, Senso TV, TV City, Cultura, ArtClue, Revista ARTA

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