Theo Pelmuș

(live performance video) 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., ATELIER 030202 (Sala Noua TC) at Sfanta Vineri no. 11, Bucharest

Atelier 030202 Coordinator: Mihai Zgondoiu

facebook event:

"The project Trinity: Pinocchio, Pieta and the Self, which I am presenting at Atelier 030202 Gallery, investigates the idea of ambiguous relations towards belief, by creating multi-layered realities that collapse into a visual bath of the sacred and profane iconic representations.

The starting point of this project is the new reality that takes place in Romania, in which religion and State intersect in the social realm. 

With Trinity: Pinocchio, Pieta and the Self project, I will try to investigate and put in dialog the two ideological extremist Romanian tendencies: one that belongs to the profane and the other to the sacred. Within this context, turns out that the Romanian reality belongs to the Baroque framework, which is intrinsically reflected in my work. Formally, this project investigates the intersection of new media, technology and performance art, under the appearance of glamour and excess, of sacred and profane. The video projections, part of the performance presentations, have an interactive feature, thereby the created space is in constant transformation and movement. 

Using wireless and wearable technology, I am able to control through my performing movements, the appearance and sound of the video projections among the space. These techniques are used in order to create the notion of magic and illusion. In order to create the multisensory aspect of this performance project, I use MAXMSP, Resolume, XBees wireless modules, developed through collaboration with my technician, Ken Campbell."

(Theo Pelmus)

"Theo Pelmus is a performance artist who has received several awards for an emerging artist and integrated arts, from the Ontario Arts Council (2006; 2009), the Dennis Tourbin Fund for emerging artist in performance art (2007) and an emerging artist grant from the City of Ottawa (2009, 2012). He has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Bogota, New York, Copenhagen and the Bucharest Biennial. Theo has a BFA and MFA from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest and a second MFA at the University of Ottawa. He is an active participant in the Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto arts community. My process of work can be described as a continuous construction and deconstruction of slippery identity and gender. In my performance and videos, I create obscure multisensory Baroque environments that put together elements from sculpture, video, absurd theater and visceral opera in uncommon ways. My art practice is achieved through innovative ways of using wearable technology and new media."

A project supported by the Canada Arts Council and Atelier 030202. 

Organizer: ATELIER 030202 

Partners: Comedy Theatre, Association Euro CulturArt

Sponsor: Murfatlar Romania SA, Canada Arts Council 

Media Partners:, Radio Romania Cultural, Senso TV, City, Culture, ArtClue Magazine ART

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