ArtSummer Gallery, Istanbul: Impudence of Good Intent

Hera Buyuktasciyan, Silent Witnessing, 2012, watercolor on paper, 30×80 cm

Impudence of Good Intent
group show
19 Jun – 28 Jul 2012

Serra Behar, Zeynep Beler, Elif Boyner, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Özgür Erkök, Erol Eskici,Ahmet Doğu İpek,Kaan Kuley,Can Kurucu,Gümüş Özdeş, Ozan Türkkan
(curated by Nihan Çetinkaya)

“Someone who doesn’t need the approval of others, who isn’t blinded by immense ideals and lead performances”(*), someone who holds on firmly to their stance, would not feel the need to make an effort to legitimize their area of strength by hiding behind their good will and trying to satisfy the need of the people around them.
Nietzcshe says “altruism, living for others and the like may be protections against the harshest type of selfishness. However, forgetting oneself, misunderstanding, belittling, confining oneself into mediocrity is the essence of common sense. My love of people is an exercise of constant self defeat.”

There…belief has no expectations. everything is net. (Good) will always presupposes the ability to analyse oneself under any circumstance. It is with this understanding we decide whether or not our good will reflects our truths (reality). And we alone can make this decision. Social interaction starts here, with oneself: balancing the traffic between hundreds of identities we have within to form our unity. With this balance comes a continual state of “being alert against oneself”(*) we can only exist within the flow when we can sustain our good will with the spontaneity of an individual who has had a pleasant childhood – without moving away from the role we have assigned to (ourselves)- as opposed to one who had to grow up too quickly.

(*) hande demircioğlu, fragments

kemankeş mah. mumhane cad. laroz han no:67
karakoy 34425 istanbul turkey

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