Artepari Gallery: Eisenberger vs. Karner

Eisenberger vs. Karner 

The confrontation of these two aspiring Styrian artists promises a high level artistic contest when Eisenberger’s expressive painting, his quick performance and unconventional usage of materials meet Karner’s sculptural perfectionism, enigmatic stylistic elements, and his performative installation art. The gallery artepari presents new creations by the artists and stages them in dynamic conceptual exchanges and confrontations. 

Duration of the exhibition: 

4 May 2012 to 29 June 2012 

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artepari contemporary art gallery 

Peter-Tunner-Gasse 60 

A-8020 Graz 



Telefon: +43(0)676/519 00 66 

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Opening hours 

Monday – Friday 2pm – 5pm and by appointment Tel. +43(0)676/519 00 66

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