Artepari contemporary art gallery, Graz: DOG COUNTS

Markus Wilfling

26 June – 30 August, 2013

copyright Alexandra Gschiel, 2013
What’s going on here, then? A terse question with a subject matter and inherent structure consisting of five words and 20 letters which equally impressed Markus Wilfling in his childhood could just as easily have formed the title of the exhibition as Dog Counts.

For him, the banal, everyday things in life or things that appear hardly worth mentioning, that are exchange a bleand yet succinct are just as important in making what is hidden visible as numbers and counting are in forming the basis of the at tempt to agree on strategies of order or cultural arrangements, or language as an instrument of common speech and analysis.

In Markus Wilfling’s work, questions about the function in gof systems which apparently install order, the disclosure of social conditioning in the exploration of the collective unconscious, of the individual’s freedom of choice (and of its constraints) lead equally to the blurring and growing awareness of dimensions such as time, space or speed with their inherent shifts in size or switching of distances.

His works explore the contra dictory relationship between language, form and material in a conceptual and at the same time playful and ironic way.They irritate and can be experienced directly by the viewer. By unsettling conventional thinking, they open up new realities and formats of possibility.

Duration of the exhibition: 
26 June 2013 to 30 August 2013
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