Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv

The Ancient Bath

6.04. – 4.05. 2012

"2012", © Pavlina Chakarova

"Balance", Emil Mirazchiev, © Pavlina Chakarova


For the ninth time in a row Art Today Association organizes the annual project Art Positive that – according to the association’s philosophy – supports the development and establishment of contemporary art in Bulgaria. Every year the organizers set a different topic to provoke the participants. This year the festival’s motto is MINI with all of the possible meanings and interpretations. There are no restrictions for the art techniques or genre, which allows the artists to participate with paintings, sculptures, audio-visual projects, performances, music, theater, dance, installations and happenings. For the first time Art Positive will also include activities in urban spaces. 

The festival gives an opportunity for expression to both established and young artists, who have just begun their artistic work in the field of contemporary art. In this way Art Today is able to promote young talents. The participants can submit their projects including a short biography and approximate budget until March 5, 2012. After the deadline the jury will evaluate the projects and choose the best ones which will be financed and finally shown during the festival. 

In addition to the exhibition in the Ancient Bath and the activities in urban spaces Art Today also organizes a secondary program, which will include workshops, presentations, lectures, discussions and projections. The complete program of the festival will be announced in March. 

Art Today's annual festival Art Positive is unique in its kind and sets the benchmark for any manifestation of artists from Plovdiv. It encourages the development of contemporary art in all its forms. 

The ninth edition of the festival has the ambiguous motto -MINI- 

The concept -MINI- is a starting point for artistic explorations and an endless field for interpretations and associations. It gives many possibilities for experiments with the topic, materials and techniques. 

-MINI- as minimalism, as a radical refusal and liberation from ornaments. Minimalism as a search for the fundament of art and as a focus on the creative energy on one single form, colour or sound. Minimalism as the end phase of the eternal cycle of art which destroys the already existing opulence and makes a new way for the modern. Or minimalism as a small claustrophobic space in which the artist desperately tries to fit an idea. The minimalistic movement in art originates from the 1960s in the USA and has proven itself as a unique provocation towards the audience which is left alone with its own imagination and has to reach the message of art without any help. But minimalism can also function as a border position in art which rebels against the already existing aesthetics. -MINI- has the potential to wake the memory of minimalism which is still alive due to artists like Robert Morris and Sol Lewitt. 

-MINI- is also a provocation towards the modern society. We all live in a situation of pre-apocalyptic fear of the collapse of globalization in a time when people are forced to live with the minimum. This minimum’s position on the scale of welfare is an unknown value which wakes new predictions and fears. But the minimum is a challenge towards the artist in a situation of reduction of the market and resources. -MINI- challenges the definitions of how art originates and which is the absolute minimum for the existence of an artwork. 


"No name", Antoniya Kostova, © Pavlina Chakarova

"Record on a hot plate", Viktoria Filipova, © Pavlina Chakarova

"Nobody is bigger than bread", Valeri Kyorlinski, © Pavlina Chakarova

"On behalf of the author and the work", Krasimir Dobrev, © Pavlina Chakarova

"KozhiFka", Rangel Gidikov, © Pavlina Chakarova

"Mini", Gergana Miteva, © Pavlina Chakarova

"Pages", Nadya Genova, © Pavlina Chakarova

Photo: Pavlina Chakarova

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