Art Beat Istanbul

Istanbul's new contemporary art platform
14–18 September 2011

Press Reception/Preview: Wednesday, 14 September, 10.00am
Open to the Public: Wednesday, 14 September, 11.00am
Opening times: 11am–7pm

Art Beat Istanbul is a new contemporary art fair launching in September 2011. The annual event, which coincides this year with the opening of the 12th Istanbul Biennial (17 September–13 November 2011), will be a new platform for Turkish contemporary art.
Arhan Kayar, Director of Art Beat Istanbul said, 'Our aim is to create a unique destination for art professionals and investors and introduce Istanbul's galleries and artists to the world. The fair is also a platform for international exhibitors, including Middle-Eastern and U.S galleries, to gain recognition in Turkey.

We are excited with the opportunities the fair will bring to Istanbul's contemporary art scene in the coming years, and look forward to building partnerships with galleries, collectors and curators and involving art organizations from around the world'.
Art Beat Istanbul will be held in the Lüfti Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, located in centre of the city. The fair will house approximately 28 galleries, and the exhibitors will comprise of some of most forward-thinking galleries from Istanbul and the globe, bringing an international focus to the dynamic contemporary art scene in Istanbul.

Art Beat Istanbul's aim is to create an atmosphere that is of cultural as well as commercial value. The fair will present a limited number of participants to offer visitors a refined anthology of Turkish and international contemporary art. The lower-ground floor of the space will offer itself as a project space for the participating galleries.

Arhan Kayar said: 'With an increasing number of art foundations, museums, galleries, collectors and artists, Istanbul is an exceptional city for contemporary art, and its position between Europe and the Middle-East makes it a desirable city for an international art fair to be located.'

Lütfi Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı
Rumeli Salonu
Harbiye, 8023 Istanbul

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