Galerija Duplex/10m2, Sarajevo: Archaeology of Body/ Anthropology of Violence

Archeology of Body, Anthropology of Violence / Arheologija tijela, antropologija nasilja

Duplex 10m/2

08.11.2012 @ 20h00

08. – 16.11.2012

Artists: Jenny Holzer, Lana Cmajcanin, Sarah Vanagt

The exhibition Archaeology of Body, Anthropology of Violence, considers spatial, temporal, and the evident presence of war, in the absence of war, in its most representative form – the human body.

Body as evidence, living, missing or exhumed.

Perpetrator: She tightens and I hit her.

Victim: With you inside me comes the knowledge of my death.

Observer: She smiles at me because she imagines I can help her.

LUSTMORD, Jenny Holzer

The exhibition is devoted to women. Women we lost, women we love and the women we are.

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