Apel Gallery, Istanbul: An Ad Break

An Ad Break

Advertisements have invaded our whole lives; they can be found everywhere from television, radio, Internet, newspapers, and social media to public transportation vehicles, building façades, street lamps, and even the packaging of wet wipes provided after meals at restaurants. This time, the advertisements we so internalize become the subject matter of an exhibition program at Gallery Apel.

When we examine advertisement within a historical perspective, it emerges that, regardless of language, time, or place, the flow of our lives is always interrupted by a short ‘break’. The intervention of advertisement breaks in our everyday lives is essential for broadcasting institutions to survive. Artists featured in the exhibition “An Ad Break” are Şebnem Arıkan, Aydan Baktır, Arzu Başaran, Sakine Çil, Sümbül Eren, Şakir Gökçebağ, Aslımay Altay Göney, Güler Güngör, Suzy Hug Levy, Raziye Kubat, Lerzan Özer, Emre Senan, Maria Sezer, Elif Süsler, Erhan Şermet, Yıldız Şermet, Gamze Taşdan, Hande Varsat, Y. Bahadır Yıldız.

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