Apel Gallery: Gamze Taşdan -No Big Deal!

Gamze Taşdan 

“No Big Deal!”

 May 8th – June 5th 2014

The works in Gamze Taşdan’s first solo exhibition “No Big Deal!” take as their starting point states of womanhood, gender, and traditional culture in Turkish cinema. In her works, by exaggerating linguistic and visual elements that subordinate women, or by deconstructing and reconstructing these, she changes stories whose endings are written by men. The artist especially draws inspiration from movies of the 1980s.

During that period, on the one hand were films with social content which were influenced by feminism yet ended with women surrendering to the male-dominated system; and on the other hand were popular examples in which enticing yet unattainable women in bikinis were chased by macho men. Through these films, the 1980s is an era which reflects a view that continues to hold sway today. In a society in which many women act as if they have a free life yet are constantly forced to deny what they are, what they experience, and their wishes and desires, Taşdan renders this situation visible and thus creates a discursive space of freedom. The artist, who sometimes uses her own face and body as images, draws the attention with her mocking attitude.

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