Ani Molnár Gallery: András ERNSZT – Fixed movements

András ERNSZT – Fixed movements

Opening: 10 April 2014, at 6 p.m.

Opening speech by: Andrea MÁTHÉ, aesthetician

Address: ANI MOLNÁR GALÉRIA, 1088 Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 22. 

On view until: 6 June 2014 from Tuesday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Ani Molnár Gallery is pleased to present a solo show by András Ernszt. His paintings include endlessly moving, dynamic colour compositions. He has been working with diverse techniques using various layers, which creates the illusion of space and movements in his pictures. He has extensively explored the possibilities offered by the use of structures and layers in painting. In his works the multiple layers applied on the canvas build up a surface with a 3D effect. The artworks of this show combine the effects of layering with dynamic arrangements of linear forms and reductive use of colours.

The 'Fixed movements' features pictures lacking stable points. The depth and dynamics of the paintings are created by the disharmonic arrangement of layered forms. The slight shift between the linear forms often overlapping each other provokes the feeling of uncertainty and creates the illusion of moving objects. This show presents an extravaganza of restless forms, looking for their places where they fit, which makes the viewer search for the points that indicate the shifts which make the painting dynamic. The titles also reflect on the continuous movements presented in the pictures. Paintings entitled 'Shift I.' and 'Shift II.' capture the essence of the tension made by the composition of linear forms.

Ernszt’s previous works were characterised by the subtlety of impressionist paintings regarding their colours. Although the pictures are still harmonious in colour, the artist has been experimenting with the use of more reductive colours. As a result, the works of the 'Fixed movements' resemble monochrome paintings in their effect and put paint, the texture of the surface and the used techniques themselves into the focus. The playful use of colours and the light effects resulting from the multiple layers make the pictures even more complex. The painting entitled 'Image Blur' is a perfect example for this recent methodology that the artist has been using.

András Ernszt was born in 1973 in Nagykanizsa. Currently he lives and works in Pécs. He has been pursuing his academic career as a Senior Lecturer at the Art University of Pécs since 2010. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants such as the DAAD in 1997, the Hungarian Eötvös Scholarship in 2001 and the Strabag Painting Award in 2003. He has been the subject of a large number of solo shows as well as group exhibitions both nationally and internationally including Pécs, Budapest, Brussels, and Stuttgart. 

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