Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana: Electrifying The Epic

Electrifying The Epic
group exhibition of media artists from Split, Croatia.

6. – 25. July 2012

Alkatraz Gallery  kindly invites You to the opening of group exhibition: Electrifying The Epic, curated by Brian Willems.
Electrifying The Epic is the second part of the project Removed Together.
The opening will take place on Friday, 6th of July at 8pm at the Alkatraz Gallery.

Participating artists: Sandra Sterle, Gildo Bavčević, Dan Oki, Toni Meštrović and Ante Verzotti.

This exhibition represents second part of the REMOVED TOGETHER project, a curated exchange between media artists working in Ljubljana and Split. The exchange is taking place in two phases: in March and April extensive exhibition of ten artists from Ljubljana and Split took place in Multimedijalni kulturni centar Split. The second part of the project is marked by the upcoming exhibition of five Split based artists in Alkatraz Gallery in Ljubljana. Five artists from each city were selected by local curator and put into the specific thematic context closely related to the immediate local environment where these artists live and work.

The principal theme of Split part of the exhibition, titled Electrifying the Epic, follows the concept of “dialogic” and on the other hand “epic”. For Mikhail Bakhtin, the epic is concerned with an “absolute past,” meaning a time which is “walled off absolutely from all subsequent times” and is thus a part of what could be called traditional time. In contrast, the dialogic takes “contemporary reality” as its subject matter. As a result, dialogic work involves a mixture of domains, meaning that whenever contemporary language is used it will inevitably engage with traditional forms. Following this analogy, artists included in this exhibition are all engaged in developing a space for the dialogic multiplication of voices to exist within an epic cultural environment permeated by a rich and domineering heritage.

Alkatraz Gallery
Masarykova 24,
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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