ALERT studio (WHITE CODE), Bucharest: WHO IS IT FOR

ALERT studio (WHITE CODE). Bureau. Opening Friday April 06, 7PM

Who is it for?


bureau is Helena Schlichting & Daniela Kneip Velescu.
bureau has been working since October 2010.
bureau is not tied to any fixed location.
bureau temporarily occupies spaces with fixed opening hours.
bureau exists in the mind and can be retrieved of course in parts.
bureau has already been retrieved.
bureau can be operated and installed either in detail or tight depending on
venue and local conditions.
bureau provides a platform for workplace, exhibition space and networking.

Helena Schlichting & Daniela Kneip Velescu are two German artists, based in Frankfurt am Main.
They started their collaborative project bureau during their studies at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main.
Apart from presenting their latest work "Von leeren Signifikanten" / "Of empty significants", the two artists will be present for one week @ “ALERT studio” (April 07th13th / 14:00 – 18:00) using the exhibition space as open studio…


ALERT studio
2-4 Mircea Vulcanescu Street , code 010281, Bucharest, Romania.

ALERT studio is an independent project initiated by Raluca Demetrescu Alina Buga and Catalin Burcea in order to create a platform of research and promotion of contemporary artistic production. Taking on the function of alaboratory space, Studio Alert proposes a meeting between artists, ideas, directions and speeches from different areas of conceptual and cultural spaces. Critical thinking and interrogation are important and valued as research methods in the contemporary cultural and artistic field.
ALERT studio stands as a gallery project, connecting three areas of artistic exploration – PINK | RED | WHITE – into one space. But these coordinates do not mean indexing, labeling and restriction. They may intersect, combine in new shades, and may always communicate and trigger debates.

Thanks for the support to this event: MNAC

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