FROZEN IN TIME | Nathalie Daoust @ ALERT studio

ALERT studio (PINK CODE). Nathalie Daoust. Opening Thursday 9th of August, 7.00 PM.


This series of delicately hand-coloured B&W pinhole photographs demonstrate the sense of immanence, sublime beauty and alienation that the perpetual landscape of the Swiss Alps provoked in the photographer. The narrative that evolves throughout work is a personal one, a journey steep in nostalgia; here memory and introspection create a web of mystery and illusion. Offset by the whitewashed landscape, luminescent figures appear in awkward and unexpected places, Daoust’s subjects are frozen in time, caught in a territory where dream and reality collide.

With a passion for intimacy, this Canadian photographer, born and raised in Montreal, has devoted all of her art to unveiling the secrets hidden beneath the apparent stability of life. Daoust first broke onto the scene in 1997 while photographing the themed rooms of the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York. This project, her first solo exhibition, was then published into a book, New York Hotel Story. Since then, Daoust has created several new conceptual projects that have taken her all over the world, from the love hotels of Tokyo, to a brothel in Brazil, to a darkroom in Sydney, to the dreamy landscape of the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Her objective as an artist is to push the boundaries of photography through experimental methods. While working with new mediums and discovering new darkroom techniques, Daoust explores the indefinable realm between truth, fantasy and the human desire of escapism.

ALERT studio

2-4 Mircea Vulcanescu Street , code 010281, Bucharest, Romania.

ALERT studio is an independent project initiated by Raluca Demetrescu Alina Buga and Catalin Burcea in order to create a platform of research and promotion of contemporary artistic production. Taking on the function of alaboratory space, Studio Alert proposes a meeting between artists, ideas, directions and speeches from different areas of conceptual and cultural spaces. Critical thinking and interrogation are important and valued as research methods in the contemporary cultural and artistic field.

ALERT studio stands as a gallery project, connecting three areas of artistic exploration – PINK | RED | WHITE – into one space. But these coordinates do not mean indexing, labeling and restriction. They may intersect, combine in new shades, and may always communicate and trigger debates.

Parteneri media: Modernism, ArtClue, Format Foundation, Sapte Seri, Metropotam, Hipmag, Time Out Bucharest

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