Aiurart Gallery, Bucharest: MU-MA | MODER


Maria Pop Timaru

Curator: Simona Vilău

5th – 22th of June, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space (Lirei 21, Bucharest)
Opening: Wednesday June 5, at 7PM.

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In her recent works, Maria Pop Timaru calls on essences and roots, on fixed, primordial structures, where one can observe strategies of questioning the deepest layers of belonging and of source discovery.

As species, we originate from somewhere, from a primordial, life-giving source and preset genetic data. But these works are not about genetics, but rather about the poetics of the primeval, about archetypes and the first stages of motherhood and adoration.

The filters of the contemporary human mind superimpose an ironic and self-teasing approach to the nostalgia of one’s self-birth, in which the terra madre is not wet clay, but painted ceramics or various manufactured materials – cardboard, printed paper, polystyrene, polyurethane foam and other “fruits” of industrialization and mass production.

Partners: Radio Romania Cultural, Zeppelin, All Hollow, Tataia, Sapte Seri, Senso TV Arte, TVCity, Modernism, Designist,, Metropotam, ArtClue, ArtAct Magazine, :  Asdesign95, A R_chitecture T V, Liternet.

[1] Moder is the English, archaic term for Mother (Mama), as it first appears in Geoffrey Chaucer’s writings.

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