Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest: Open Interval

Ciprian Ciuclea – Open Interval

Curator: Adriana Oprea

June 26th – August 22nd, 2014 | Aiurart Contemporary Art Space

Opening: 26th of June, 7pm

Ciprian Ciuclea is an artist concerned with the relationship between image and sensoriality. I love Bach (Calina Gallery, Timisoara, 2009) andDescriptio (Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, 2009) are two important exhibitions that offered the main coordinates of his visual universe, repeated at different scale and with seemingly other theoretical interests in more recent exhibitions, as The consequences of the object's interpretation process on an objective look (Recycle Nest Gallery, Bucharest, 2010) and Erosion | After continental drift theory (Spatiul Platforma, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 2013). Art sensory is thus presented with consistent incursions in science. Therefore, all his projects are technological, based on apparatus as the protagonist of the display and on mathematics, physics, optics and chemistry.

The Open Interval project is in this line, retrieving an old concern of the artist for sound recording. This is why Open Interval is an elaborate sound system. Relying on the well-known algebraic notion (open or closed interval), the sound played in the exhibition space will physically create the reality of a formula that otherwise remains abstract. What does it mean to produce and perceive an open interval through sound waves? The particularity of the exhibition is that the sound will be spread and physically recorded first through image (the first part of the exhibit: audio-video installation), and then it will become the protagonist (the second part: sound installation). Ciprian Ciuclea’s project proposes an immersive, ambiental, diffuse environment, a conceptual sound that reshapes the physical aspects of the space and its perception. 

Ciprian Ciuclea is a Romanian visual artist based in Bucharest. He is interested in site-specific projects that focuse mainly on conceptual aspects of reception. He develops complex installations involving light, sound and video. The themes explored, often using his personal face and body as an instrument, are related to social aspects of communication and message interpretation, contemplation and surveillance, usually placed in relationship with scientific aspects of humane existence.

Adriana Oprea is a Romanian critic and art historian. She collaborates with art spaces, signes reviews and curates exhibitions. In 2011 she curated "Welcome to the Uncanny Valley" (artists: Berszán Zsolt, Betuker István, Veres Szabolcs) at Bazis Gallery in Paintbrush Factory in Cluj and, in 2012, she had a documentary intervention about fiction and forgetfulness in art history within ”Past Perfect. Ephemeral Offerings”, a project and exhibition at Platforma Space at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. Adriana Oprea lives and works in Bucharest. 

Parteneri/Partners: Editura Vellant, Asdesign95, Radio România Cultural, Zeppelin, Șapte Seri, Revista Arta, Senso TV Arte, Modernism, ArtClue, Vernisaje, Artindex,, Metropotam, AR_chitecture TV,

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