Aiurart, Bucharest: COME AND GET IT!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 7:00pm

Aiurart, Strada Lirei 21, 021422 Bucharest, Romania

At the start of our three year study at The National University of Arts-Bucharest, each one of us had individual intentions, very different plans and a naivete typical of art students. At first, we all took on the same subjects, the infamous hands-and-torso portraits and still lives. Essential steps towards the next phase, that of personal projects. We applied our knowledge and prioritized our qualities – some gave precedence to theoretical and conceptual aspects, others were more inclined towards technical evolution.

Working together in the studio was important to us. The courses and pieces of advice from lecturers were the formal half of an educational process that needed to sustain a community. For the final degree project, our works are individualized, but the underlying work flow was, for many of us, shared with colleagues.

We sought to set the foundation for an artistic personality. We gave up many of the things we could have learned to focus on elements that were of direct interest to us. Initially, we made our choices based on intimate preferences and intuition – "I like painting in black and white", "I prefer installations", "I want to illustrate books" – yet over time we became more and more aware of the consequences of such choices. We created animation, installations, posters, illustrations, visual identity, object collage, photography. We found ourselves in many situations where we had to prove we master a skillset while trying to obtain it.

All of these trials and tests were a good opportunity for maturing and decanting. Little by little, our personal projects became more defined, our aims became clearer and the choices we made near the beginning, regarding our interests and preferences, changed, evolved and began to build upon a framework towards more concentrated growth. (Valentin Dragu, Luminiţa Dumitrache, Mihaela Flueraş, Monica Ghiţescu, Răzvan Hogea, Claudia Ilea, Ioana Mitrea, Radu Pop, Mihaela Socolovschi, Teodora Stegărescu, Ana Maria Tudor, Ştefan Vasile, Andra Vlăşceanu, Cristina Voicu, Cristiana Voinea)

Over the past three years, the students and I imagined, debated and thought together. Ioana Ciocan and I sought to help each one of them find a path, an intention, an impression that they are willing to develop into artworks. After discovering interdisciplinary means of visual expression together and following their progress, I can say that their works have the great quality of sincerity and consistent searching. (Anca Boeriu PhD, lecturer)


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