acb Gallery: Mladen Miljanović – At the Edge

Mladen Miljanović: At the Edge

acb Gallery, 6 June – 17 July 2014

opening: 5 June 2014 (Thursday), 7-9 pm

opening performance starts at 7pm

Mladen Miljanović (1981, Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina) is a defining figure of the young generation of artists that emerged after the Balkan Wars, introducing a radically new art practice that points far beyond national boundaries.

He attained international attention and acknowledgement already at a very young age: in 2009, he was granted the Henkel.Art.Award, which honours the most prominent young artists of Central and Eastern Europe. This was followed by a solo exhibition in one of the largest and most important museums of the region, the Mumok of Vienna. He had numerous solo exhibitions from New York to Berlin to Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 2013 Francesco Bonami asked for his collaboration. Last year, Miljanović was invited to the Bosnia-Herzegovina Pavilion of the Venice Biennale; his project entitled The Garden of Delights was deemed one of the most notable pavilions by the international press.

The title of the exhibition At the Edge is a reference to Miljanović’s performance series, which can also be seen by the Budapest audience at the opening on 5 June. The artist hangs from the façades of galleries all over the world, struggling with gravity, sometimes at a height of ten stories. The artificial boundaries between reality and the exhibition space must be erased, argues Miljanović. His motto is: I Serve Art. To him, art and life – be it his or “Life with a capital L” – are inseparable.

To Miljanović – in whose home country the “Truth” became the primary tool for manipulating the truth, and whose experience is that “every time he opens his eyes, he is watching a film”– “probing into the truth of art” is fundamental. And while he ponders the troubling discontinuity of life, as well as questions of power, responsibility and truth, he resolutely believes that art is the most important means for resisting totalitarian systems and for achieving political emancipation.   

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