acb Gallery: Double Vision

acb Gallery

Péter Szalay: Double Vision

curated by: Zsuzska Kozák

vernissage: Thursday,17 April 2014, 7-9pm

A solo exhibition by Péter Szalay is presented at the acb Gallery for the second time. Double Vision can be regarded as a continuation of Szalay’s 2013 show entitled Residual Value. His work at the time reflected on the renovation of the gallery, turning the debris created during the construction process into artwork. The installations, the ironically stylized and polished small sculptures inspired by porcelain figurines featured at the present exhibition Double Vision hold a mirror to the new, “trendy and sterile” gallery space.

Szalay approaches his subject with the usual varied use of media and characteristically biting humour. His grotesque creations not only bring into play the aesthetic quality of symmetry, but also criticize the “schizophrenic” state of Hungarian society, which has split in two of its own accord, and the country’s dysfunctional multi-party system. The exhibition is replete with the possibilities created by blurring the lines of ethnography, iconography and kitsch, guiding the viewer to the experience of indecision and a sense of it deepening into fate.

Tibor Horváth: „slippery wind on frozen water"

vernissage: Thursday, 17 April 2014, 7-9pm

Tibor Horváth’s latest works focus on the social consequences of political public life in the present day and recent past, as well as on the ideal of freedom and the experience of its absence. The artist approaches his subjects from the usual radical position of critique. The acerbic sarcasm otherwise typical of his work is left behind, however, giving way to a suffocating sense of disillusionment. In the exhibited works, the “freedom fighting” political narrative and zeal, the rhetoric of heroic resistance and the image of a small but talented nation that can stand on its own feet are counterpointed by the various segments of social reality. Limitation of intellectual freedom, a blooming of commendable loyalty, and an immovability of rigidified structures constitute the basic experiences that characterize Tibor Horváth’s exhibition.

on view: 18 April – 29 May 2014

opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 2-6pm

closed: 1-2 May

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