418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest: Sensus Propero by Ștefan Radu Crețu

Sensus Propero by Ștefan Radu Crețu

15th of September 2014

418 Contemporary Art Gallery has the pleasure of inviting you to the exhibition Sensus Propero, signed by Ștefan Radu Crețu. This is the second solo exhibition of the artist in 418 Contemporary Art Gallery, which represents him since 2011. His previous exhibition, Paratarrasius Hibridus took place in 2012 and was curated by art critic Liviana Dan.

The opening will take place on Monday, 15th of September 2014, starting 7 PM. The exhibition can be seen until 15th of November 2014, from Monday to Friday, 11 AM – 7 PM. A catalogue containing recent works and critical reviews of the artist will be available on the occasion of his newest solo-show.

Ștefan Radu Crețu was born in 1983, in Câmpina, România. He studied at the Art and Design University in Cluj and graduated from the Ceramics-Glass-Metal Department in 2006. In 2005 he received an Erasmus grant for one year at the Fine Art Academy, Wroclaw, Poland. In 2008 he achieved his master degree in Sculpture at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. In 2013 he became a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest.

Since 2011 he’s been participating to the annual workshops Cetate Arts Danube organised by Joana Grevers Foundation in Barbu Drugă Villa. From Duchamp to the post-1989 Pegasus. An Essay on Sculpture as a Playful Game Playfulness is a dimension overlooked in art, often neglected to the detriment of depth or tragic. It is a dimension which remains linked to an epoch of experiment and chance, and until Dada, it was unconceivable that art could be mocked at. The transition from conservatism to modernism was violent, and artists, these “enfants terribles” have explored with thirst and curiosity all that was not considered in the previous eras. As the 20th century was one of speed and of the great discoveries, the 21st century is, until now, auspiciously and selectively, an extension of a world of all possibilities.

Fighting for freedom and rights has been refined, freedom of expression is, at least apparently, unlimited, and artists have everything at their disposal, from materials to ideas. Only filters and selections differ from the past. In this carousel of all possibilities, Ştefan Radu Creţu has set his attention on several less explored topics and techniques – such as animals and electrical circuits – with unexpected outcomes such as a combination of linear drawing, three-dimensional volumes, synthetic fabrics brightly coloured, and rudimentary electrical circuits.

Ştefan stood out so far with works bearing Latin titles inspired from the world of animals and insects, who invite non connoisseurs to open Zoology or Entomology dictionaries. Is it a bird, an animal? Or maybe an insect? This is what we may wonder, amazed in front of the plain shapes sharply cut, half abstract, superimposed to mysterious and heavy volumes. Or hydrodynamic shapes, suspended and mobile. The surprise of a technological field may engender initially some confusion and then a sort of endless interpretation. Like when you hear for the first time a foreign language and try to make sense to new sounds and associate them to something familiar. Even if you forget the title instantly, the image will remain in the memory for a long time. Monsters and fantastic creatures don’t necessarily have a face not until we see a picture, and after seeing it, that’s it! The archetype will remain in the memory and all variations discovered lately will be compared instinctively with the prototype. […]

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