Art events for August, 2012

ZDENĚK SKLENÁŘ GALLERY: Jan Kaplický Future Systems Andrea Morgante Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

ZDENĚK SKLENÁŘ GALLERY 20. 6. 2012 – 1. 9. 2012 | Jan Kaplický Future Systems Andrea Morgante Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari To be creative is on of the most pleasant challenges in the world. Without creativity is nothing. Absolutely nothing. JK

Leica Gallery: Antonín Kratochvíl, Domovina/Homeland

  22. 6. — 9. 9. 2012  "Homeland. You can really only have one which understands you the most and I think Czech Republic is mine. It drives you crazy because its part of you and it reflects you. Its like every day you are under scrutiny. It’s a self-critique. You face yourself every day […]

VÁCLAVA SPÁLY GALLERY: Roman Trabura, Light Obsession

29.06-02.09.2012 Light Obsession. Is it obsession with light or insignificant obsession? It can mean both with Roman Trabura. Ambivalence is typical for him. It can be one way or another.  The obsessive urge compels Trabura to carry out changes, thus some figures have gained new and more forceful attributes, such as a bazooka or a […]

DVORAK SEC CONTEMPORARY: Ondřej Brody & Kristofer Paetau | It is not my fault

DVORAK SEC CONTEMPORARY Ondřej Brody & Kristofer Paetau | It is not my fault 20/06/2012 – 15/09/2012

Sariev Gallery: Temporary, but permanent

Background: Young Artists 2012 / Temporary, but permanent  Zoran Georgiev 29 June 2012 – 17 August 2012 presented by Pravdoliub Ivanov Background: Young Artists is an annual platform for young artists whose exhibitions are organized in Sariev gallery and in other public spaces. The young artists in the platform’s previous editions in 2010 and 2011 […]

BULART GALLERY: ivo bistrichki | deconstructive portraits

ivo bistrichki | deconstructive portraits 8/22 August 2012

Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv

Over 100 events in one museum Night “Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv” will take place on September 21, 2012 The eighth “Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv” will be held on Friday, September 21st, 2012. The programme is divided into three parts: “Museums and Galleries”, “Culture and club”, “City and public spaces” […]



In pictures: We are in diffrent worlds, Karlin Studios, Prague

The Moldavian artist Fiodorova Tatiana, currently taking part in A.I.R FUTURA residencies program, presents her personal view at the controversial integration/adaptation of Eastern Europe to the Western european context. From her childhood and teenage years, spent in the Soviet era, to her current status as an international artist, Tatiana Fiodorova here mixes past and present, […]

FROZEN IN TIME | Nathalie Daoust @ ALERT studio

ALERT studio (PINK CODE). Nathalie Daoust. Opening Thursday 9th of August, 7.00 PM. FROZEN IN TIME This series of delicately hand-coloured B&W pinhole photographs demonstrate the sense of immanence, sublime beauty and alienation that the perpetual landscape of the Swiss Alps provoked in the photographer. The narrative that evolves throughout work is a personal one, a […]

FOKUS GRUPA: World event young artists 2012

World event young artists 2012 7-16 September 2012 1000 artists, 100 countries,10 days Country: Croatia Fokus Grupa is an art collective based in Zagreb formed by Iva Kovac and Elvis Krstulovic. Working together since 2005, Kovac and Krstulovic have decided to transfer their authorship to the legal person whose name refers to working methods based […]

ARTplacc 2012 – contemporary art festival in Tihany

We would like to inform you about a cultural event of summer 2012 which is outstanding among the seasonal programs in Hungary both in its content and in the environment where it takes place:  ARTplacc 2012 – contemporary art festival in Tihany 10 – 20 August 2012  For the second time ARTplacc festival is being […]

Less than a month remains until the opening of Mindaugas Triennial – the 11th Baltic Triennial of International Art

2012 08 24 – 09 09, CAC Vilnius This year, the Triennial is focused exclusively on film and performance. The curators are Defne Ayas (director of Witte de With, Rotterdam) and Benjamin Cook (director of LUX, London). By invitation of Defne Ayas the curatorial framework is developed with the New York based artists Ieva Misevičiūtė […]

VILTIN Galéria: Politechnic

Politechnic / group exhibition Erika BAGLYAS / Mária CHILF / Andrea HUSZÁR / Mariann IMRE / Dorottya SZABÓ / Kata TRANKER / Krisztina VIGH / Zsuzsi VINKLER Speech by: Katalin SPENGLER / art collector Curator: Tibor iSKI KOCSIS Open: till August 8, 2012 / Wednesday / 6 pm Széchenyi utca 3., Budapest, HU