Art events for January, 2012

Miroslav Stakić: The Wall

In literature, the notion of wall often represents the symbols of progress, protection, victory, revolution, obstacle, division, casualty, holiness.. The author of the video aims at the subjective perceptioning and interpretation of literary constructions operating with the semantics of a wall. Forging deeply into the observer’s ego as well as constructing a type of narrative […]

Bank Austria Kunstforum, Vienna: Herbert Brandl retrospective

Herbert Brandl vor seinem Gemälde Ohne Titel, 2008 © Montage von Loys Egg unter Verwendung einer Fotografie von Manfred Rahs, 2011 Herbert Brandl 26.01.2012 – 15.04.2012 In the spring of 2012 the Kunstforum is presenting the first major retrospective devoted to Herbert Brandl. It will include around 60 of his works produced since the early1980s […]

Pilsen Municipal Gallery: SOFTLY

Monogramista T.D, Osvobozené hodiny, 2008, akryl na plátně, instalace 1. 12. 2011 – 2. 2. 2012 SOFTLY Martin Klimeš (Opava), Milan Magni (Brno), Milan Maur (Plzeň), Monogramista T.D (Bratislava) Pilsen Municipal Gallery Open: Tuesday – Sunday, 10 – 12 AM, 1 – 6 PM

Galerija Elektrika, Pančevo: Active Poetry Training

GRRR! PROGRAM Saturday 04.02.2012 On Saturday February 4th 2012, starting at 19h, the Elektrika venue (Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo) will host a new edition of Pesničenje – Active Poetry Training, as part of the GRRR! Program. Pesničenje "searches out and fosters individual and group efforts to create poetry outside of established circles“ and, due to […]

London Art Fair 2012, part 4

Mabeyn Gallery, Istanbul: Yasal Sokak

Alper Bıçaklıoğlu, 63.00 x 46.00 cm., Mixed media Alper Bıçaklıoğlu "Yasal Sokak" 07 – 27 February 2012 Mabeyn Gallery Nüzhetiye Caddesi No:63 Beşiktaş 34357 İstanbul TURKEY

Lauba House, Zagreb: Waking background

Ivana Franke: Waking background 10.02.2012 – 14.03.2012 Exhibition opening and talk: 14/02/2012 at 19.00 h Art and Neuroscience in dialogue Invited speakers: artist Ivana Franke, neuroscientist Ida Momennejad, neurosurgeon Ulrich-Wilhelm Thomale Moderator: curator Sunčica Ostoić The talk will be in English. Book reading: Distant Feeling 11/02/2012 at 13.oo h at Prozori Gallery (Zapoljska 1) The […]

Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Prague: Green Architecture II

Green Architecture II Block City/ The Past, Present and Future of Mass husing 3/2/  – 28/2/ 2012 The exhibition is based on a fifteen-year research of Dutch architect Bart Goldhoorn into the possibilities of housing development in the future. His concept of the „Block City“ is a combination of analysed housing complexes of the 1960s […]

Jecza Gallery, Timisoara: Workman’s Passport

Dan PALADE, Workman's Passport curator: Liviana Dan / National Museum Brukenthal, Sibiu, Romania 4 February – 10 March 2012 We are very glad to invite you on the 4th of February 2012, at 19 o'clock, to the opening show of Dan Palade's solo show curated by Liviana Dan, at Jecza Gallery. On this occasion we […]

London Art Fair 2012, part 3

VILTIN Gallery, Budapest: Out of Order

Zsolt ASZTALOS / Fragile installation / 2010 / polystyrene, wood / 7 x 7 x 1 m Out of Order / Zsolt ASZTALOS January 25, 2012 – March 03, 2012 Opening speech by: János STURCZ / art historian Open: till March 3, 2012, Saturday 5 pm VILTIN Gallery Széchenyi utca 3 1054 Budapest, Hungary

Galerie nächst St. Stephan, Vienna: Sabertoothhyenatigerdog

HERBERT BRANDL Säbelzahnhyänentigerhund February 10 – March 24, 2012 Herbert Brandl, whose solo exhibition can be seen in the Bank Austria Kunstforum until April 14, 2012, will be showing a large red canvas in the Login together with a crouched animal (a unique bronze cast) with the title “Säbelzahnhyänentigerhund” (Sabertoothhyenatigerdog), which is being exhibited for […]

Starter Gallery, Warsaw: Water & Gas

Michał Grochowiak, One gallon of water above the desert, White Sands, New Mexico, 2011 Michał Grochowiak – Water & Gas Warszawa,  07.02.2012 – 02.03.2012 The Starter Gallery presents a photo project realised during during Grochowiak's trip through the United States, by the Młoda Polska Scholarship A ride through the US in a rented car is […]

Bratislava City Gallery: Bohumil Hanzel 1990 – 2012

Mirbach Palace | Collection of Bohumil Hanzel 1990 – 2012 M.A. Bazovsky, Sunday, oil, cardboard, 45,5 x 54, 1940 Collection of Bohumil Hanzel 1990 – 2012 Mirbach Palace, Františkánske nám. 11, Bratislava 31. 1. 2012 – 1. 4. 2012 Curator: Ivan Jančár

Christine Koenig Gallery, Vienna: Third Room: LOVE architecture

MARGHERITA SPILUTTINI Third Room: LOVE architecture Duration: 25. 01. – 10. 03. 2012 From the gallery’s CONVERSATION series: Dietmar Steiner, Az W in talk with Margherita Spiluttini and Mark Jenewein, LOVE architecture Saturday, Jan 28, 2012, 12 pm

Bernier/Eliades Gallery, Athens: MARQUIS D’ OCTAN

JONATHAN MEESE January 12 – March 1, 2012 The Bernier/Eliades Gallery is proud to present the latest body of work by Jonathan Meese in the exhibition: “MARQUIS D’ OCTAN (MISS MEESI-P-EGGY DOC DOGGY PIGGY DICK DICKSON DICK DUCKY IS IN TOWN)”. It is the artist’s first show in Greece and includes a series of new […]

Gallery x-ist at the VIP ART FAIR

VIP ART FAIR 03 Feb – 08 Feb 2012 Ali Taptık, Burhan Kum, Erkut Terliksiz, Lale Tara, Nalan Yırtmaç, Nuri Kuzucan, Seda Hepsev, Sena , Serkan Adın x-ist will be participating in VIP Art Fair, the world's first contemporary art fair held exclusively online between February 3-8, 2012. VIP Art Fair builds new technologies for […]

Idea becomes a machine that makes…money

The „neo”/”post” conceptual art has little in common with the conceptual art done at the end of the ΄60s. The complex idea behind the art work that challenged the „traditional status of the art object as unique, collectable or saleable” (Tony Godfrey, Conceptual Art”) became nowadays itself collectable and saleable. The intellectual labour of the […]

Vartai Gallery, Vilnius: Soviet Architecture Photography Albums

Soviet Architecture Photography Albums Antanas Sutkus, Romualdas Rakauskas, Frédéric Chaubin 31 January 2012 – 17 March January 31, 6 p. m., Vartai gallery opens an exhibition of three photographers – Antanas Sutkus, Romualdas Rakauskas and Frédéric Chaubin – titled Soviet Architecture Photography Albums. The exhibition introducesseveral viewpoints that are different in terms of time, geography […]

PinchukArtCentre, Kiev: Solo Exhibition of Mykola Matsenko

Solo Exhibition of Mykola Matsenko in the context of РАС-UA 4 February 2012 – March 2012 PAC-UA is a special line to present new production of leading Ukrainian artists embedded in the international context of the Collection Platform, aiming to research ongoing artistic processes within the country and support strong and long-term collaboration between the […]

Pilot Gallery, Istanbul: Consequences are no coincidence

Şener Özmen, ASSANGE, carpet, 140×200 cm, 2012 Consequences are no coincidence 2 FEBRUARY – 24 MARCH 2012 HAMRA ABBAS,  FİKRET ATAY,  TUFAN BALTALAR,  BURAK DELİER,  GÖKÇE ERHAN,  BENGÜ KARADUMAN,  ALİ MİHARBİ,  ŞENER ÖZMEN,  CENGİZ TEKİN,  İREM TOK Pilot Gallery Siraselviler Caddesi. No:83/2 Beyoglu/Istanbul

Galerie Artpark in Linz: Glowing light ball bench

The "Glowing Light Ball Bench" created by Manfred Kielnhofer was present at the Light Art Biennial. The bench, which has a very simple design, consists of three light balls and two wooden board perforates that lay over the light balls. Contrasting structural dynamics of the artist Manfred Kielnhofer provides analytically with his artistic work The […]

Galerija Vartai, Vilnius: Thursday review. Indre Ercmonaite (painting)

Indrė Ercmonaitė, be pavadinimo, 2010, aliejus, drobė, 120 x 145 cm Thursday review Indrė Ercmonaitė (painting) 26 January – 2 February 2012 Opening – 26 January, 6 p. m. This Thursday review features the works of Indrė Ercmonaitė (born 1985). The name of this young artist inevitably surfaces in all conversations about the painting of […]

Galeri Artist Istanbul: JALE ÇELİK

Jale Çelik’s solo show in which her recent work is exhibited can be seen between  12 January – 8 February 2012 at Galeri Artist İstanbul. Jale Çelik’s acyrilic works produced with the technique she developed transforms the painting into a three dimensional design surface.  The research about color in these paintings produced with that distinct […]

Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas: The Climbing Sun Again Is Wakening the World…

THE CLIMBING SUN AGAIN IS WAKENING THE WORLD Exhibition dedicated for lithuanian poet Kristijonas Donelaitis curator Arūnė Tornau In the gallery „Meno parkas“ (Rutušė sq. 27, Kaunas) You are welcome to attend the opening of the exhibition „The Climbing Sun Again Is Wakening the World…“ dedicated to the 300 birth aniversary of Kristijonas Donelaitis. How […]