Lighting Guerrilla Festival: IZLAND & jesusonecstasy – Soundlighter

Lighting Guerrilla Festival: IZLAND & jesusonecstasy – Soundlighter

30 September 2014 > 08 October 2014

Kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition Soundlighter by Izland & jesusonecstasy on Tuesday, 30th September 2014, at 9 pm at Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova mesto. The exhibition is a part of Lighting Guerrilla Festival. Opening hours will include Saturday, 4th October from 3 pm till 11 pm.

Sound&light installation

The installation establishes a habitat in a reverse loop of liquids, sound and light. The members of the IZLAND tandem mix chemical solutions of different densities with paints and dust, then submerge them into water, and solve them with alcohols; next, the pouring in an aquarium is projected onto a spatial chamber. jesusonecstasy captures the lighting output and sends it back into the space by means of a digital sound synthesizer. In a completed loop, sound frequencies cause vibration of the liquids, while particular substances within the system define wave lengths and velocity of the journey of frequencies. (more…)

Anaid Art Gallery at the 10th edition of the international art fair ViennaFair The New Contemporary 2014, Vienna, Austria

Anaid Art Gallery at the 10th edition of the international art fair

ViennaFair The New Contemporary 2014, Vienna, Austria

ViennaFair The New Contemporary 2014, Vienna, Austria

2nd – 5th of October 2014, Messe Wien, Hall A

Stand C15, OMV Special Project

Anaid Art Gallery (, contemporary art gallery from Bucharest, Romania will participate during 2nd – 5th of October 2014 at the 10th edition of the international art fair ViennaFair The New Contemporary in Vienna, Austria.  ViennaFair is an international fair dedicated to Contemporary art in Central and Eastern Europe, includes a project section called DIALOG: NEW ENERGIES supported by OMV. The official opening will take place on Wednesday, 1st October 2014, at 06:00 p.m. in Messe Wien, Messeplatz 1, Hall A, 1020 Vienna, Austria. You can visit us at Messe Wien, Hall A, OMV Special Project, stand no. C15. (more…) Ilona Németh – Revised Version

Ilona Németh: Revised Version

Curated by Judit Angel

Opening: September 25, 2014 at 6.00 p.m.

Till October 31, 2014

with DJ Pixy

Opening hours: 

Wednesday – Sunday

2.00 – 7.00 p.m.

Address: Beskydská 12, Bratislava, 81105

Shuttle Bus

Vienna – Bratislava – Vienna

ERSTE Foundation is offering a free shuttle bus from Vienna to Bratislava and back:

Thursday, 25 September 2014

16.30h Departure time from Vienna

Meeting point: Opernring 13-15, 1010 Wien, in front of Hotel Le Meridien 

21.00h Departure time from Bratislava

22.00h Arrival back in Vienna at Opernring 13-15, 1010 Wien, in front of Hotel Le Meridien

Registration required until 23 September 2014 at:

Please be so kind to register with your first and last name and if possible give us your telephone number to contact you in case of any changes.

It is recommended to bring a passport or ID-Card as a travel document.

Every exhibition, be it a solo or curatorial show, has personal motivations behind it: something has to be said or made public. Insofar as we regard the art institution as an embodiment of the public sphere and a platform suitable for presenting various views and positions for debate, we place the artistic statement in a potentially conflictual space.

The main motif of Ilona Németh’s exhibition is the presentation of the relationship between individuals and history, between art(ist) and politics, for debate. For her, this is articulated as a personal need in a politicised milieu where current politics constantly interferes with people’s lives. (more…)

ICA, SOFIA: Kiril Kouzmanov – Chapter 36/50


Kiril Kouzmanov

Chapter 36/50

October 1st – November 8th 2014 

Opening – Tuesday, September 30th, 6 pm

The exhibition by Kiril Kouzmanov (b. 1981) at the ICA-Sofia Gallery is the product of his six-weeks residency with the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York as the recipient of the BAZA Award for Contemporary Art. The BAZA Award is the joint initiative of the Institute of Contemporary Art-Sofia in partnership with the Foundation for Civic Society (USA) and the City Art Gallery in Sofia. The BAZA Award is awarded since 2008 and just like the other awardees’ presentation at the ICA-Sofia Gallery the artist is sharing his strongest and innermost impressions from his stay in New York City.  (more…)

VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary 2-5 October 2014

From 2 to 5 October 2014 we will celebrate the 10th edition of VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary!

Get your tickets at

From its beginnings, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary has played a vital role in firmly anchoring Austrian galleries and the city of Vienna in the international art market. Both as a commercial platform and as a meeting place, it has made a major contribution to the Austrian art scene, in the region and, in recent years, on a wider international stage.

With the support of ERSTE BANK as our main sponsor, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary presents 115 galleries and institutions, an elaborate talks program, guided tours and exciting special projects catering to the needs of the seasoned experts as well as the newest generations of art enthusiasts. (more…)

Pavilion, Bucharest: WHO IF NOT WE?


Being Here in the Age of Confusion

09.10 – 16.11. 2014

Curated by PAVILION – journal for politics of culture


Opening: October 09, 2014

19.00 – 21.00 @PAVILION

str. C.A. Rosetti nr. 36 (crossing with str. Jean Louis Calderon)

 22.00 Party for the 15th anniversary of PAVILION


Str. Constantin Mille nr. 4

FB event:

PAVILION – the project started in 1999 which generates the entire activity of the organization (BUCHAREST BIENNALE, FREE ACADEMY, REFORMA, BUCHAREST FILM BIENNALE, PAVILION – center for contemporary art & culture, PAVILION RESOURCE ROOM), alludes to the relative temporary structure of contemporary art.

“WHO IF NOT WE? / DACĂ NU NOI, CINE?” talks about 15 years of resistance in the local/Romanian art scene, about the subterfuges within the struggle against chaotic bureaucracy. It talks about the production of possibilities in the Romanian contemporary art scene, about the placement in the local socio-political field and about generating new perspectives and directions for immediate action. It is and exhibition which marks 15 years of existence and resistance through critique and creating linkages to access culture. (more…)

MOCAK, Krakow: JULIAN OPIE – Sculptures, Paintings, Films


Sculptures, Paintings, Films

Julian Opie, "Julian." 2012

18.10.2014 – 25.01.2015

Opening date: 17.10.2014 at 6 pm 

Curator: Delfina Jałowik

In this exhibition by one of the most renowned contemporary British artists, MOCAK will be presenting new works, the majority of which have been prepared especially for the exhibition in Krakow. The overall theme is individuals and the nature that surrounds them.

Julian Opie has created his own way of drawing, characterised by its sparse line and simplicity. The artist has invested with new meaning the traditional media that appear in the title of the exhibition – sculptures, paintings and films, combining them with a generous use of electronic media. In processing imagery from the real world, Opie employs computer techniques and animation. Portraits are the prevailing form of his art whether of people or animals. From observing the real, he structures paintings that have been reduced to a language of basic elements that he composes into standard yet individualised representations. His compositions consist of black lines that combine into the contour of a silhouette or a face as well as symbols and planes of colour. (more…)

Apparatus 22 – “AS GOOD AS GOLD”

Apparatus 22 – “AS GOOD AS GOLD”

Akademie Schloss Solitude

Solitude 3

70197 Stuttgart

September 4 – September 28

Program: Friday – Sunday from 2pm to 7pm.

For their solo intervention at the prestigious Akademie Schloss Solitude, Apparatus 22 collective is unveiling “AS GOOD AS GOLD” – a new work that takes over The Barn, the institution’s remarkable concert hall.

The second in a series of works building tension on the ambivalence of words used both in the sacred sphere and consumerist vocabulary, “AS GOOD AS GOLD” is a meditation from different vantage points on the arbitrariness of gold as a constructed measure for an “economy of identities and differences within which power and desire circulate". (more…)

Mochvara Gallery, Zagreb: Toni Mijač (HR): Aqueous

Mochvara Gallery presents

Toni Mijač (HR): Aqueous 

Ambiental audio-video installation

@Pogon Jedinstvo

Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb

Exhibition opening and artist talk: Monday, September 22nd 2014, 8pm

The exhibition is open on September 23rd and 24th, from 5pm to 9pm

Entrance: 0 kn

Mochvara Gallery enters the fall season of 2014 deliriously flooded! Aqueous is an ambiental audio-visual installation by the young Split artist Toni Mijač, cordially inviting you to dive deep into intense states of consciousness and extraordinary emotions of the overwhelming and exaggerated water surfaces.  The visual purity and simplicity of the water is activated by alternating drops coordinated and accompanied by sounds of soothing rhythmic episodes which interchange with intense sounds and fast motion picture tempo, creating a minimalist sound composition rich in tone and rhythm dynamics. (more…)

Leica Gallery, Prague: MARKÉTA LUSKAČOVÁ – PHOTOGRAPHS 1964–2014

Leica Gallery Prague is pleased to invite you to the exhibition:



the exhibition will run untill 2 November, 2014

This retrospective comprises fifty years of work by Markéta Luskačová (b. 1944), an icon of Czech photography, whose importance has for many years extended well beyond the boundaries of her native land. Her photographs have more than just a documentary value; they also contain striking ethical messages. In her work, she has devoted herself to documenting religious pilgrimages in the countryside, life at street markets in London, and endangered minorities in Great Britain. As part of her more recent photographic projects from the Czech milieu, Markéta Luskačová has documented country carnivals, mainly in Roztoky near Prague.

Zilberman Galeri: Şükran Moral – Welcome to Turkey

Opening Reception: 24 September 2014,  6:30 pm

Exhibition: 25.09.2014 – 06.11.2014

Ş̧ükran Moral, one of the leading performance artists in Turkey, arranges the gallery space as a tourism bureau in her solo exhibition “Welcome to Turkey”. At the entrance we are greeted by “Tales to a Young Girl”, a video installation that forces us to kneel. The visitor can only view the work by kneeling down and looking through a narrow gap. A modern-day person that has been forced to kneel as atonement for yet another violent and cruel act against a young girl…

After this act of kneeling, instead of the sun, the sea and tulips, a girl wearing a bloody wedding dress awaits us as if saying “Welcome to Hell”, with a bloody mattress shaped like a map of Turkey in front of her.

The works “Child-Bride” and “Tales to a Young Girl” that have been shown this year at Edith Russ Haus in Oldenburg will be exhibited for the first time in Turkey at Galeri Zilberman. Focusing on women’s issues, polygamous marriage, marginalized transgender individuals, virginity, female circumcision and repressed desires of women from the starting point of her artistic career, Şükran Moral says “welcome” by facing us with a reality we do not want to see. (more…)

lokal_30, Warsaw: Zuzanna Janin | Siedmiu ojcow / Seven Fathers

We are very happy to invite you for the opening of the exhibition:


Seven Fathers

The opening within frames of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2014

Friday 26.09, 5-9 pm

Saturday-Sunday 27-28.09, noon-7 pm

breakfast with the artist: 27.09. noon-2 pm

exhibition open until: 15.11.2014

The focal point of the first solo show od Zuzanna Janin in lokal_30 are her new sculptures – figure of a dancing girl, which refers to the artist’s childhood – Dancer (2014), drones travelling through the contemporary time and space (VOLVO240, transformed into 4 drones, 2014), and Seven Fathers (2014). The eponymous work refers to the artist’s investigations manifest already in her previous projects – above all in Follow Me, Change Me, It’s Time (1995-97) and in In-between (2005-2008). Janin breaks the stereotypical father figure representing authority, power, infallibility and the traditional perception of the relation between the daughter and the father, preserved in paternalistic schemes of hierarchy and obedience. (more…)

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2014

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2014: a three-day celebration of contemporary art, more than 20 openings at Warsaw’s best galleries, many collateral events held by major Polish art institutions, concerts, performances, and discussions. Join this exceptional event and feel the spirit of Warsaw’s up-and-coming art scene. 

Galleries will be open:

Friday: 5 pm – 9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12 am – 7 pm

Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw: Skin

The solo exhibition of Gudrun Kampl titled Skin is a story about the world that has two sides: soft and pleasant on the outside, bloody and dirty from the inside. Most of the works are made of smooth velvet ― artist’s favourite material and relate to the issues of oppression, war, self defeat and petty-bourgeois habits.

Objects and installations are Kampl’s favourites, she uses much less 2D techniques as her medium. Fabrics are the most essential materials for her. Using methods transferred from the applied arts, Kampl explores topics of matter in the context of human body, packaging, surface and identity. The artist most often utilises found materials, bearing their own “history”. She is fascinated by velvet not only because of its cultural potential, but also of abilities to absorb liquid or scent and to change colour. According to artist a touch and scent sensitive fabric resembles a carbon, it rewrites experiences and produces crucial for Kampl’s art intimate ambience. (more…)

Raster Gallery: SELFIE



Grzeszykowka's newest series of photos lies between photography and sculpture. At its heart is the analysis of the process of self-creation – one of the most fundamental themes of art and also a basic premise for the condition of the post-medial society of today.

The artist makes a radical turn in the direction of the grotesque, creating startling sculptural charades using fragments of her own body modeled in pigskin and exhibited on smooth leather backgrounds. She creates her self-portrait out of scattered parts – an uncanny selfie made before our very eyes.

Opening on Friday, 26th of September, at 5 PM until 9 PM

Exhibition open until 15.11.2014

Part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend

Knoll Gallery, Vienna: #underthestars


Knoll Gallery Vienna 

Opening 2 October 2014 at 9pm

Curated by Maja and Reuben Fowkes

Participating artists: Tibor Horváth, Oto Hudec, Renata Poljak, Davor Sanvincenti

#underthestars explore ecological alternatives to the tragic figure of the 24/7 immaterial worker who spends too much time in bed – replying to emails, creating clips for social media, interacting virtually, but not going anywhere. The exhibition highlights the opposite tendency of sleeping outdoors, making a bed beyond the illusionary security provided by modern architecture, and challenging the alienation of a technologically-determined life symbolised by the bad habit of working in bed.

Sleeping under the stars could itself be a form of therapy for the distortions to natural cycles brought by over-dependence on technological comforts, countering the psychic deprivation caused by dozing in the invisible magnetic field of the digital bedroom, with even our dreams electronically rerouted by the whir of computers awakening from sleep mode in the depths of night.  (more…)

ZORZINI Gallery new space | Opening show by Szabolcs BELENYI


A solo show by Szabolcs Belenyi

Curator Adina Zorzini

Opening the new gallery space at Natiunilor Unite Square,

44 Sfintii Apostoli street, building A, floor 3, Bucharest

25 September, 7 PM

Belenyi Szabolcs is a powerful and emerging artist coming from the Cluj School of Art, working in the Paintbrush Factory and living in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The artist equally masters the classical techniques of painting and drawing, working in a transgressive manner at the intersection of these two media; on the conceptual level, Belenyi Szabolcs combines an emotional approach with high skills of expression in order to comprehend and survey humankind’s ambiguous nature. (more…)

Žižić/Kožul — SPEKTAR @ Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

We are pleased to invite you to the exhibition opening

Žižić/Kožul — SPEKTAR

on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 7 pm

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

NO Gallery

With their Spectrum ambience, the Žižić/Kožul art duo is continuing to articulate the awareness of the unrelenting and omnipresent violence and pandemic of consumerist culture. Their latest ambience named Spectrum, presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s NO Gallery, points to the transformation of mental landscape and public spaces into consumer-oriented spaces controlled only by the logic of profit.

The value of their work is also contained in the fact that they articulated a sharp replication of global tendencies of public space transformations through local context experience, using an entire spectrum of contextually specific symbols. More accurately, the ambience’s focal points are now concrete multiples of bottles and beach paraphernalia. The duo places about 200 concrete moulds of densely arranged bottles on a plinth in the museum space. And while their previous ambience 0.50, focused on the desired object of a recyclable plastic bottle worth 0.50 kuna, which was turned into a bronze musealised object through artistic transformation, the Žižić/Kožul tandem is now reshaping the said bottle into an army of anonymous, no-logo concrete-cast multiples. A famous brand bottle known to everyone thus becomes a part of an anonymous, grey threatening multitude, fully devoid of both marketing recognisability and museological glamour of the previous ambience. (more…)

Fokus Grupa: People Love Monuments

People Love Monuments

Fokus Grupa

18th September – 18th October

Preview Weds 17th September 7-9pm

Transmission gallery are extremely excited to present a solo show by Fokus Grupa, an artist duo based in Rijeka, Croatia. The collective – comprised of Iva Kovač and Elvis Krstulović – borrow their name from a contested research method, used equally for independent research as for PR purposes, and through their work they point to the social, economical and political frames of art. Their practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary, and they work across art, design and curating. This is the first time Fokus Grupa have exhibited in Scotland. (more…)

Victoria Art Center, Bucharest: I’M A SPOILED DAUGHTER OF A POLITICIAN

Victoria Art Center invites you to the opening of the exhibition I’M A SPOILED DAUGHTER OF A POLITICIAN of the artist Flavia Lupu on Tuesday, September 16 2014. The exhibition is curated by Olivia Nițiș.

I’m a Spoiled Daughter of a Politician is the result of a project that had its first episode – Upper Class Supervised – presented at Calina Gallery in Timișoara.

The self referential project illustrates not only the status and the identities assumed at the border between public and private on the background of political realities that are implicitly accessible for the artist, but also the process of assuming a discourse on power relations between the two spheres in the context of permanent transfers and political influences on private life.

Being the daughter of a politician, deputy of Constanța, Flavia Lupu places and interogates her identity confonted with ruptures and tensions between the artistic and political, private and public life, familial and social pressures.The exhibition assumes the trenchant debates on the construction of identity in a particular context, where political art interest arises through direct experience and the internalization of social and political control mechanism. (more…)

ZAHORIAN&co GALLERY, Bratislava: Juraj Kollár – Luxurious Desert under the Sky of Paris

Juraj Kollár

Luxurious Desert under the Sky of Paris

curator: Silvia Van Espen

Vernissage: 18 September 2014 at 6PM 

The exhibition runs until 24 October 2014

It is a pleasure for ZAHORIAN&co GALLERY to introduce a solo exhibition of Juraj Kollár – Luxurious Desert under the Sky of Paris. The exhibition presents new selection of the latest artworks which Juraj Kollár created during his one year stay in Paris. Primarily, he worked on figurative paintings while having been inspired by people in his close surrounding as well as by passers-by. He wanted to get out of the box of portraying a body just by its outside look as an esthetic object, and so he focused on displaying mentality and physical aspects of the individuals: "I felt the mystery of a deep dream meditative blue sky and the individualism of the walking-by faces. I was a traveller – incognito. I was trying to evoke an atmosphere of a constructive loneliness in my works, like in a luxurious desert under the sky of Paris.“  (more…)

Lateral ArtSpace‎, Cluj: PALE BLUE DOT | Group Exhibition


Image: Artwork by Ana-Maria Huluban

Dragoș Bădiță | Flaviu Cacoveanu | Cristina Curcan | Mihaela Hudrea | Ana-Maria Huluban | Ioan Grosu | Lucian Indrei | Radu Oreian | Ștefan Pop | Lea Rasovszky | George Roșu

“Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every [...] saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there–on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” – Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space (more…)

418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest: Sensus Propero by Ștefan Radu Crețu

Sensus Propero by Ștefan Radu Crețu

15th of September 2014

418 Contemporary Art Gallery has the pleasure of inviting you to the exhibition Sensus Propero, signed by Ștefan Radu Crețu. This is the second solo exhibition of the artist in 418 Contemporary Art Gallery, which represents him since 2011. His previous exhibition, Paratarrasius Hibridus took place in 2012 and was curated by art critic Liviana Dan.

The opening will take place on Monday, 15th of September 2014, starting 7 PM. The exhibition can be seen until 15th of November 2014, from Monday to Friday, 11 AM – 7 PM. A catalogue containing recent works and critical reviews of the artist will be available on the occasion of his newest solo-show.

Ștefan Radu Crețu was born in 1983, in Câmpina, România. He studied at the Art and Design University in Cluj and graduated from the Ceramics-Glass-Metal Department in 2006. In 2005 he received an Erasmus grant for one year at the Fine Art Academy, Wroclaw, Poland. In 2008 he achieved his master degree in Sculpture at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. In 2013 he became a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. (more…)

Center for Visual Arts, Bucharest: PERFORMANCE – ADINA MOCANU & ALEXANDRA SAND

The Center for Visual Arts – multimedia center – invites you Tuesday, 16 of September to the performance ”PLAN B” of the artistic duo Adina Mocanu and Alexandra Sand.

The event is part of the project ”ART IN BUCHAREST”

”We are Adina Mocanu (b. 1990.) and Alexandra Sandu (b. 1990.) and we live, study and work in Bucharest, Romania. One year ago we formed an artist duo. Since then, through a mechanism of negotiation, collaboration, and questioning which working as a duo implies, we investigate the connections between our identity as human beings and our identity as artists. We are also preoccupied by an investigation of the interconnection between society as a cultural playground and personal rituals based on individuality.

We tend to focus our attention on two different ideas and ways of understanding art, from very personal works, to actions with a powerful social questioning. Another important part of our work is represented by a continuous exploring of our relationship as an artists’ duo, as friends and also as exponents of our generation. (more…)



Romanian contemporary art is a remarkable phenomenon which has obtained considerable worldwide recognition in recent years. The special presentation DIALOG: NEW ENERGIES, co-initiated and supported by OMV at VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary from October 2 to October 5, 2014, will highlight Romania’s cultural history over the last fifty years.

Already since 2011 OMV has supported special presentations at VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary. In the context of the OMV Special Project DIALOG: NEW ENERGIES this year’s spotlight is placed on more than thirty exciting positions in contemporary art from Romania presented by five galleries – Anaid Art Gallery, Anca Poteraşu Gallery, Jecza Gallery, Galeria Plan B, and Zorzini Gallery – and two non-profit spaces: ATELIER 030202 and ALERT studio. The art expert Andreiana Mihail has been entrusted with curating DIALOG: NEW ENERGIES.

The premiere of this presentation at VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary is based on a curatorial approach which attempts to put together an elucidating chronicle of the diverse community that constitutes Romanian present-day art. From classical contemporary artists, frequently considered as emerging due to their lack of exposure during communism, to young and inquisitive artists who tell their own personal story independently of any socio-political perspective, DIALOG: NEW ENERGIES aims at finding the delicate balance between the expected commercial purpose of a fair and the clarity and coherence of a theoretical outline which reflects on adapting and assuming as the two most significant existential attitudes in recent Romanian history. (more…)

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