SARIEV Contemporary, Plovdiv: M

Ute Müller, Christoph Meier 

12 September 2014 – 30 October 2014

SARIEV Contemporary

Curator: Bettina Steinbrügge

Opening: 12 September, Night of Museums and Galleries, Plovdiv.

8:00 p.m. Opening of the exhibition “M” at SARIEV Contemporary, 40 Otets Paisiy St.

8:30 p.m. Artist Talk, moderated by Bettina Steinbrügge

9:00 p.m. Presentation of the fanzine Black Pages  (more…)

Knoll Gallery, Vienna: curated by_Maja and Reuben Fowkes – #underthestars

curated by_Maja and Reuben Fowkes: #underthestars

Opening: Thursday, Oct 2, 2014, 6pm

Oct 3 – Nov 15, 2014

curated by__ 2014: maja & reuben fowkes (Knoll Galerie, Vienna) from eSeL at on Vimeo.

Tibor Horváth (*1976, l. in Berlin) 

Oto Hudec (*1981, l. in Bratislava) 

Renata Poljak (*1974, l. in Zagreb) 

Davor Sanvincenti (*1979, l. in Zagreb)

The exhibition #underthestars explores ecological alternatives to the tragic figure of the 24/7 immaterial worker who spends too much time in bed— replying to e-mails, creating clips for social media, interacting virtually, but not going anywhere. The exhibition highlights the opposite tendency of sleeping outdoors, making a bed beyond the illusionary security provided by modern architecture, and challenging the alienation of a techno- logically determined life symbolized by the bad habit of working in bed.

Sleeping under the stars could itself be a form of therapy for the distortions to natural cycles induced by over-dependence on technological com- forts, countering the psychic deprivation caused by dozing in the invisible magnetic field of the digital bedroom, with even our dreams electronically re- routed by the whir of computers awakening from sleep mode in the depths of night. (more…)

MOCAK, Krakow: MIKOŁAJ SMOCZYŃSKI – Object, Space, Photography


Object, Space, Photography

18.10.2014 – 11.01.2015

The first in the series of exhibitions presenting the work of Mikołaj Smoczyński at MOCAK – based wholly on the artist’s works and the archive collection that the Museum received in 2011 as a gift from the artist’s heirs.

What links the presented exhibits are Smoczyński’s site-specific projects – unique structures prepared with concrete spaces in mind. We shall present objects from the artist’s archive that in the past were used as the building material for these realisations. These will be juxtaposed with Smoczyński’s black-and-white photographs which transcend the scope of mere photographic documentation and are without a doubt autonomous works of art. (more…)

CAC, Vilnius: Robert Henke – Lumière

Robert Henke „Lumière“


German computer music composer, lecturer, sound engineer, one of the main creators of music software Ableton Live and a member of electronic music project Monolake, Robert Henke is coming back to Vilnius. His audiovisual laser performance Lumière will take place at the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius on the 7th of November, 2014. (more…)

CAC, Vilnius: Prototypes


2014.X.17 – 2014.XII.31

Curator: Virginija Januškevičiūtė

“Prototypes” is a pilot project of the XII Baltic Triennial and will consist of several events, publications and an exhibition in the façade window on the CAC’s upped floor, a space that until now served as an office. Visitors of the CAC, who have been opening the door of this office throughout the years hoping for the exhibition to continue behind it, will now instead of a regular door find a new one, designed by Viktorija Rybakova, and behind it – a panorama of Vilnius Old Town, drawings by Maris Bišofs and Antanas Gerlikas and a film by Piotr Bosacki. By the end of 2014 the wall that holds this rotating door will disappear, and the door itself will become a four-fold partition. (more…)

FUTURA, Prague: Comet


Zbyněk Baladrán, Václav Girsa, Isabela Grosseová, Dominik Hejtmánek, Nikola Ivanov, Stanislav Karoli, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Jan Kolský, Pavel Sterec, Vojtěch Rada, Rafani, Sláva Sobotovičová, Jan Šerých, Lenka Vítková, Junsheng Zhou

Concept: Edith Jeřábková, Dominika Hejtmánek, Nikola Ivanov, Jan Kolský, Junsheng Zhou

Architect: Isabela Grosseová

Curator: Edith Jeřábková

This exhibition arrived from the uncertain discussion regarding the possibilities of how altered states of consciousness could be used in the contemporary approach towards our lives. Its aims are however not as utopical, but rather interested in the contributions of different cultures, more precisely contra-cultures, affecting the social consciousness in three strong waves of the 60s (hippie), 70s (punk) and 90s (rave). This is not based on any historical perspective such as the project "The Whole Earth. California and the Disappearance of the Outside” prepared by editors Diedrich Diederichsen and Anselm Franke, although the discourse and this book itself was one of our sources. (more…)

Zbyněk Baladrán @ hunt kastner, opening reception on Thursday Oct. 23, 6-9pm

Zbyněk Baladrán: Diderotův sen | Diderot's Dream

24|10 – 6|12|2014

​Zbyněk Baladrán, Diderot's Dream | Diderotův sen, 9:23, full HDV, 2014, video still

opening reception: Thursday, 23|10|2014, 6-9pm

hunt kastner

Bořivojova 85, Prague 3

hunt kastner is very pleased to present its second solo exhibition by the artist Zbyněk Baladrán. The exhibition will present two video works inspired by the philosophy of one of the great liberal thinkers of the Enlightenment, Denis Diderot. In his new installation, the artist examines the origin of dreams and their role in contemporary capitalistic society and asks if it is possible to use them in another way.

Zbyněk Baladrán (born 1973 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) studied art history at the Charles University Philosophical Faculty in Prague and at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of visual communication. The artist characterizes his own working method as a search for links between the past and its construction in relation to prevailing epistemological patterns.  (more…)

Salonul de proiecte, Bucharest: Performative lecture / Olof Olsson (DK)

Salonul de proiecte invites you Thursday, October 23rd, 19.00, at the performative lecture of Olof Olsson. The event is part of a series of conferences, screenings, presentations, discussions called Evening classes, organised by Salonul de proiecte, MNAC Anexa, in October and November. (

"Driving the Blues Away" is a comedy lecture melodrama, full of mind-blowing facts, by the Dutch-Swedish performance artist Olof Olsson. It’s a meditation on language and how language resonates through the body and the economy. It’s a meditation on the body, and how the body resonates through language and the economy. And it’s a meditation on the economy, and how the economy resonates through language and the body. (more…)

Art Yourself, Bucharest: New Location / 88 Clucerului Street

Art Yourself’s New Location / 88 Clucerului Street

Inaugural exhibitions:

The Uncanny – 11172014, October 

Love, Skin & other Fairytales – Amalia Dulhan 

Commissioned by Petre Modolea, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the era of the monarchy, and designed by the renowned architect and professor Tiberiu Niga, the house at 88 Clucerului Street is rooted in the aristocracy of the 1940s. 

Tiberiu Niga was shaped by the zeitgeist of the 1920s-40s, belonging to a period of social complexity and fervent cultural creation. Conceptually, as a follower of the Bauhaus School, of the International Style, Niga subtly distanced himself from the Neo-Romanian architectural style and other eclectic trends of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. He thus sought to assert a personal re-interpretation of traditional Romanian architecture.  

Throughout the years, the sculptor Ion Vlasiu and the orchestra conductor Iosif Conta, deputy director of the public Radio station and conductor of the National Radio Orchestra, lived here. The latter brought slight changes to the building, setting up a small concert room on the ground floor. 

Art Yourself is situated in the centre of Bucharest, near Parcul Kiseleff, Manastirea Casin and Arcul de Triumf.  (more…)

Jecza Gallery, Timisoara: Xiaolangdi – A photographic project by Alain Feliu

Xiaolangdi – A project by Alain Feliu

The construction of a dam on the Yellow River in China.

Opening on Friday the 17th of October 2014 at 7PM, at Jecza Gallery, Calea Martirilor 51/52-53 Timisoara, Romania.

Alain Féliu (French artist) followed the construction process of a dam in Xiaolangdi. During three years time, using a large format 4 by 5inch camera, Alain Féliu captured the evolution and implications of this construction project on the landscape, the environment and the people. (more…)

Galeria Calina, Bucharest: Rose – Breath

Rose – Breath, Patricia Teodorescu

The third project of the DESENUL SANS RIVAGES platform / curator: Liviana Dan / a platform dealing with the concept in drawing, with contemporary drawing as idea and process, with its intent and flexibility.

In ROSE – Breath, Patricia Teodorescu develops a rather fictional strategy. She manipulates the palette, the composition and the media. The images illustrate vulnerabilities and disconfort. Time and change become major themes. The line remains expressionistic; the form often refers to the content and vice versa. Patricia Teodorescu's drawings are a shadowy animation. (more…)

Atelier030202, Bucharest: Hydrophilia/ Super Smooth Studio

October 23 – November 12


Super Smooth Studio (Mimi Ciora & Mircea Popescu)

Opening: October 23, 7.00 pm, ATELIER 030202 (Sala Nouă TC), 11 Sfânta Vineri street, Bucharest

Atelier 030202 Manager: Mihai Zgondoiu

Hydrophilia – embodies in pictures the love for water and the obsessive interest in its  infinite runway. In the interpretation of Super Smooth Studio, water means life, but also death; a glowy superficial reflection, but at the same time an exploration of the deep nebulous universe. The natural and synthetic routes through which water flows – clouds, organic elements and industrial pipe systems – gain in the works exhibited fantastic features composing hybrid characters, at the edge between illusion and reality.

All the  artworks  are collaborative, combining two different styles seemingly incompatible: the organicity of Mimi Ciora’s drawings and the „mecanomorphous”  interpretations by Mircea Popescu. They develop through techniques of drawing and assemblage a surreal world with influences from primitive art, pop art, lowbrow art and kitsch.

Smooth Studio is the name of the collaboration between the two visual artists, who began the project in 2010.  The term "super smooth" defines their own drawing technique, the  name being inspired by the name of the super flat art movement. And the second part – " studio" – is  referring to the studio / home in Timisoara, space which is shared with a cat and a turtle. (more…)


New Idea Competition Seeks Creative

Visions for the Romanian Capital of Bucharest (3 October 2014 – 15 January 2015)

What potentials for development lie within Bucharest, the capital of Romania and one of the largest cities in the European Union? The idea competition Create Your Bucharest seeks to attract social and cultural visions from artists, designers, and architects for the multifaceted city of Bucharest, which has been shaped by a varied past, and its widespread cultural community. From the official launch date on 3 October 2014 until 15 January 2015, entrants can submit innovative concepts and site-specific works for one of the

most dynamic urban centers in Southeast Europe. The results of

Create Your Bucharest will be presented in the MAK exhibition

Mapping Bucharest: Art, Memory, and Revolution 1916–2016, one of the central projects of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2015: IDEAS FOR CHANGE (12 June – 4 October 2015), which was initiated by Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Director MAK. (more…)

Open call for texts about the transformation of urban public spaces in Moldova in collaboration with the Association of Young Artists “Oberliht” launches an open call for texts that investigate the transformation of urban public spaces in Moldova within the last 20 years.

The contributions shall tackle subjects such as:

degradation of existing public spaces (parks, sports and cultural infrastructure, recreational areas, courtyards between blocks and playgrounds etc.) as a result of the retreat of public authorities from the process of administration of public spaces.

privatization/fencing of public property

growth of the number of cars in the city

internal migration from villages towards the city and growth of industry of residential buildings construction (more…)

Galateea Contemporary art, Bucharest: transFORM

International exhibition transFORM – Contemporary Ceramic Art

October 21st – Novembre 18th 2014

Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery and The Visual Artists Union of Romania have the pleasure to invite you to international exhibition transFORM – Contemporary Ceramic Art.

The exposition may be visited between October 21st – Novembre 18th 2014. The opening event will take place on October 21st, 18:00 hour at Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery on 132 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest.

Guest artists:

Andrea Éva Szőcs – Hungary • Anthony Edwin Stellaccio – USA • Bianca Boeroiu – Romania  • Daniela Făiniș – Romania  / • Gudrun Kainz – Austria / • Ioana Șetran – Romania   • Kamila Szczesna – Poland • Lilianne Milgrom – USA  • Rafael Pérez – Spain • Simona Antoniu – Romania  • Monika Jeannette Schoedel-Mueller and Werner Bernhard Nowka – Germany (more…)

Pilot Gallery, Istanbul/ 20XX: Relics

20XX: Relics

Larissa Sansour,  Deniz Üster,  Berk Çakmakçı,  Gökçen Dilek Acay,  Can Kurucu,  İz Öztat,  Dikran Taş


Co-Pilot is pleased to announce the group exhibition 20XX: Relics curated by Amira Akbıyıkoğlu, between the dates of 18 September – 25 October, presenting works by Larissa Sansour, Deniz Üster, İz Öztat, Dikran Taş, Berk Çakmakçı, Gökçen Dilek Acay and Can Kurucu.

So many things vanish. Yet relics remain and crystallize whether in the form of rites, myths, artifacts; or images, buildings, landscapes and cities. The artists in 20XX: Relics deal with these relics through the mutations / transformations of identity, nature, data as well as body, either by sharing visions of future or archiving (accumulated digital) leftovers and sacred commons. (more…)



24. 10. 2014 – 2. 3. 2015

This Place is a monumental artistic endeavor initiated by photographer Frederic Brenner, who believes that only through the eyes of great artists can we begin to understand the complexities of Israel – its history, its geography, its inhabitants, its daily life – and the resonance it has for people around the world.

Inspired by historical models that gathered artists to ask essential questions about culture, society and individuals, including the Mission Héliographique in 19th-century France and the Farm Security Administration in the United States, Brenner first conceived the idea for the project in 2006. After seeking the advice of a group of international curators, he invited eleven acclaimed photographers to join him in exploring Israel and the West Bank as both place and metaphor.

The 12 photographers participating in This Place are Wendy Ewald, Martin Kollar, Josef Koudelka, Jungjin Lee, Gilles Peress, Fazal Sheikh, Stephen Shore, Rosalind Solomon, Thomas Struth, Jeff Wall, Nick Waplington, and Frederic Brenner himself. Together, this group represents one of the most original and distinguished collections of artists to ever collaborate on a project, and it is certainly the most acclaimed group of photographers to ever turn their attention to Israel and the West Bank. (more…)

Experimental Reading Room: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene

Experimental Reading Room: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene

Open call for participation in an Art in the Age of the Anthropocene seminar to be held at Translocal Institute October-December 2014.   

This autumn Translocal Institute launches the Experimental Reading Room, an ongoing series of public seminars and guest lectures on art and ecology, the first of which focuses on Art in the Age of the Anthropocene.  A number of places are available for the seminar group and those wishing to participate are invited to send a short motivation letter to the organisers. The group will meet on alternate Mondays beginning on 20 October to discuss key texts about the anthropocene and its paradigm-shifting implications for art and society.

Referring to the geological epoch in which we live, the anthropocene, or era of humankind, is based on the understanding that humans, as a single species, are in charge of the whole planet, causing global environmental change. The realisation that we have become geological agents with the power to alter the most basic physical processes of the planet has wide-reaching consequences for economics, society, politics, culture, as well as art. Considering the anthropocene as a transformative concept for environmental art history, sustainable art systems and green curating, this seminar will also approach the topic from a specific Central European position. (more…)

Victoria Art Center, Bucharest:

Victoria Art Center invites you to the opening of the exhibition, Tuesday, October 14, 19.00. exhibits the works of Andreea Albani, Petru Lucaci, George Marinciu, Christian Paraschiv, Beniamin Popescu, Silvia Trăistaru, Roman Tolici. These artists will represent The Center for Cultural and Contemporary Production Victoria Art at The innovative art fair in Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) between 24 and 26 October 2014.

C.A.R. is an international art fair that takes place each year since 2006 at Essen’s Zollverein World Cultural Heritage Site, Germany. It consists of two annual major events: Media Art Fair & Photo Special and The Innovative Art Fair.

The fair wants to establish a strong regional art market for the Ruhr area, and wants to bring high-quality artists in one place in order to highlight and enhance the attractiveness and uniqueness of this new art location.

Opening: Tuesday, October 14, 19.00

October 14 – 1 November 2014

Victoria Art Center, Calea Victoriei 12 C

Media partners: ArtClue,, Radio France Internationale Romania, Metropotam, Artindex, Clubul Presei Transatlantice.

MNAC, Bucharest: Enchanting Views

Enchanting Views

10.10 – 23.11.2014

Romanian Black Sea Tourism Planning and Architecture of the ’60s and ’70s

Dalles Hall, National Museum of Contemporary Art

18, Nicolae Bălcescu Avenue, 1st District, Bucharest

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm

Opening: Thursday, 9 October, 7:00 pm

Curators: Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor, Alina Șerban

Enchanting Views is the first exhibition devoted to one of the most coherent and innovative projects of post-war modernity in Romanian architecture, namely, the tourist development of the Black Sea coastline during the 1960s and 1970s. (more…)


September 12, 2014 – The 1st BUCHAREST FILM BIENNALE (Bucharest International Biennial for Film), generated by Pavilion – journal for politics & culture – is set for May 21st – May 24th, 2015, under the directorship and curatorship of Andrei Rus (RO).

BUCHAREST FILM BIENNALE will be a unique project in the film area trough the way of selection and curatorial concept, but also a different way of presenting the films.

The BUCHAREST FILM BIENNALE promotes awareness and dissemination of the culture – particularly in the field of film – by means of exchanges and cultural cooperation within Europe and beyond and is looking for strategies that would develop mutual understanding and offer insights from different perspectives.

Through its programs, the BFB seeks to discover, support, and inspire film directors, actors and technicians from Romania and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their work. (more…)

VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary 2014

VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary 2014

Vienna, October 2, 2014

International Art Celebration in Vienna: The Opening of VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary

In its ten years existence VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary has successfully repositioned Vienna in the international art market. This was also clear to see at the opening of Austria’s biggest international art fair on October 1, 2014. More than 6500 visitors accepted the invitation from VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary’s chairman Dmitry Yu. Aksenov and artistic director Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt and joined the big art celebration following the official opening in the presence of Austrian Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer in Hall A of Messe Wien. Among the guests were numerous international art collectors such as Alain Servais from Belgium, Rik Reinking, Monika Lahrkamp, Gil Bronner, Ingrid and Thomas Jochheim from Germany, Neda Young from Croatia, and the US American collectors Kira Flanzraich, Barbara and Aaron Levine, and Carter Pottash.

Austrian art collectors, spearheaded by representatives of the shareholders of VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary – curator and museum director Edelbert Köb, attorney Bernhard Hainz, entrepreneur Martin Lenikus, and art collector Franz Wojda – along with architect Gustav Peichl, Thomas Angermair, Nikolaus Lehner, Roman and Margot Fuchs, Franziska and Christian Hausmaninger, Michael Klaar, and Rudi Schmutz strolled through the fair booths of the galleries together with representatives from politics and economy like Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Executive City Councillor for Cultural Affairs of the City of Vienna, Francesca von Habsburg, founder and chairwoman of Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21), Martin Böhm, managing director of the Dorotheum, Boris Marte, head of the innovation center of the Erste Group, and prominent members of the art scene such as Agnes Husslein, director of Belvedere, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, director of Albertina, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, director of MAK, Peter Bogner, director of the Austrian Friedrich and Lilian Kiesler Private Foundation, Gabriele Schor, head of Sammlung Verbund, Herwig Kempinger, president of Secession, Elisabeth Ginthör-Noever, head of departure – the Creative Center of the Vienna Business Agency, Bettina Leidl, director of Kunst Haus Wien, Nicolaus Schafhausen, director of Kunsthalle Wien, Johanna Schwanberg, director of the Cathedral Museum Vienna, and Peter Pakesch, artistic director of the Universalmuseum Joanneum as well as artists Hubert Scheibl, Eva Schlegel, Werner Reiterer, Hans Kupelwieser, Jakob Gasteiger, Gunter Damisch, Marko Lulic, Julie Monaco, Julius Deutschbauer, and Barbara Mungenast. (more…)

Vernon Gallery: A milestone called ʺ1968ʺ

Alexandra Dvořáková & Heidi Bayer-Wech 

Emilio Vedova

8. 10. – 22. 11. 2014

Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5

A milestone called ʺ1968ʺ

The new exhibition at Gallery Vernon presents works by the two artists that have met in 1968 and experienced this encounter as a milestone of their own artistic work. In 1968 Heidi Bayer and Alexandra Dvořáková met at the course lead by Venetian painter Emilio Vedova who introduced them the world of abstract lines and geometric shapes.

The exhibition is accompanied with original artworks by Emilio Vedova. The aim of the exhibition is to emphasize a special relationship between a teacher and a student, strong and fragile at the same time. (more…)

Lighting Guerrilla Festival: IZLAND & jesusonecstasy – Soundlighter

Lighting Guerrilla Festival: IZLAND & jesusonecstasy – Soundlighter

30 September 2014 > 08 October 2014

Kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition Soundlighter by Izland & jesusonecstasy on Tuesday, 30th September 2014, at 9 pm at Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova mesto. The exhibition is a part of Lighting Guerrilla Festival. Opening hours will include Saturday, 4th October from 3 pm till 11 pm.

Sound&light installation

The installation establishes a habitat in a reverse loop of liquids, sound and light. The members of the IZLAND tandem mix chemical solutions of different densities with paints and dust, then submerge them into water, and solve them with alcohols; next, the pouring in an aquarium is projected onto a spatial chamber. jesusonecstasy captures the lighting output and sends it back into the space by means of a digital sound synthesizer. In a completed loop, sound frequencies cause vibration of the liquids, while particular substances within the system define wave lengths and velocity of the journey of frequencies. (more…)

Anaid Art Gallery at the 10th edition of the international art fair ViennaFair The New Contemporary 2014, Vienna, Austria

Anaid Art Gallery at the 10th edition of the international art fair

ViennaFair The New Contemporary 2014, Vienna, Austria

ViennaFair The New Contemporary 2014, Vienna, Austria

2nd – 5th of October 2014, Messe Wien, Hall A

Stand C15, OMV Special Project

Anaid Art Gallery (, contemporary art gallery from Bucharest, Romania will participate during 2nd – 5th of October 2014 at the 10th edition of the international art fair ViennaFair The New Contemporary in Vienna, Austria.  ViennaFair is an international fair dedicated to Contemporary art in Central and Eastern Europe, includes a project section called DIALOG: NEW ENERGIES supported by OMV. The official opening will take place on Wednesday, 1st October 2014, at 06:00 p.m. in Messe Wien, Messeplatz 1, Hall A, 1020 Vienna, Austria. You can visit us at Messe Wien, Hall A, OMV Special Project, stand no. C15. (more…)

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